About Me

Hello  and Welcome to Tech Raving!

My name is Scott Krutsinger and I am currently an Associate Manager and a Technology / Digital architect with Accenture. I have been in the computer sciences field since 1993 and have been passionate about  emerging technologies since then.

I have worked with many languages but Python, PHP, and JavaScript are my top 3 choices. Apart from writing code, I have a great interest in DevOps as well. Jenkins for CI / CD and Ansible for configuration management are at the top of my list.

During the times I’m not working or travelling I usually spend my time gardening,  fishing, or just puttering around the house. In my garden I always  have a variety of peppers going: Ghost, Scorpion, habanero to  name a few. Getting the boat on the St. Johns river to fish is a great way for  me to relax from the world. Houses need upkeep, so that’s a weekend chore as well.

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to comment and or make suggestions on any post!